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Wish for perfect English? Engwish!
Engwish.com offers proofreading and text correction, one-to-one, online private English classes with real professors, and other professional services that you can purchase using free Wish Coins that we give to you each week!

Engwish also offers instant text analysis and real-time online chat with teachers who can help you learn English - all compeltely free.

There are no other websites that we know of that are so dedicated to fulfilling the needs of English users and learners world-wide. Our volunteer experts work tirelessly in their free time make your English wishes come true.

Wish Coins are worth a lot: they can buy real services that normally cost money. When you join we will give you 250; then, just come back each week and collect another 150 free coins to spend how you wish. Simple.

How it works
Using the Engwish platform is as simple as clicking the mouse:

1) Register for free using just your email addresss
2) Choose the service that you need
3) Use your Wish Coins to pay with one click
4) Get professional results that are unlike any other

That's it! Once registered you will have the ability to enter My Engwish and communicate directly with the expert that is working for you, as well as the ability to customise your account.

Remember that not all services require Wish Coins; Live Chat and Text Analysis can also be used with no registeration.