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Free English text correction (proofreading) by experts

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Congratulations on discovering the Internet's leading provider of quality native English text corrections, translations and speaking lessons. was created to help combat the growing demand (or wish - hence the name Engwish) for English world-wide. We offer both free and low cost professional services that can benefit those individuals who require English, both written and spoken, of the highest standard possible.

Free proofreading and translation by natives

Clear and coherent writing is fundamental in projecting a professional, educated, and high quality image, in all areas of life; at we specialise in correcting English written texts and transforming them into completely natural, native-sounding English. Whether English is your first language or not, our experienced mother tongue professors can help you achieve the best from your writing. In addition to proofreading (text correction), we also offer human translation into English. While automatic grammar checkers and translators can be very helpful at times, there are yet to exist such automated services that can check for complete contextual accuracy - hence the high number of errors and irregularities when using such robotic services. Both our text correction and translation services are conducted by native, human professors, meaning your corrected documents and texts will always appear natural. Texts of up to five-hundred words are translated and corrected for free - yes, free! For bigger texts (of up to ten thousand words), a small fee is asked in order to compensate our professors for their laborious efforts.

Online English lessons with a native professor

Benefit from online private English lessons today with a qualified, native professor that carries the Engwish standard directly to the comfort of your own home. All of our teachers are native speakers from England and come from real teaching backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help anyone wishing to improve their spoken and written English. Whatever your age, level, or reason for learning English, be it practicing for an oral exam (such as Cambridge, Pearson, or Trinity), improving your English accent and grammar skills, or simply developing a great command of the English language, we are to sure you can benefit from our online lessons.
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