Terms and conditions of use
You will find included below the terms and conditions of use that a user (you) accepts upon registering at, and upon using at any moment, EngWish. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment and it is the responsibility of the user (you) to remain informed as to any such changes.

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Submission of assignments
Users who do not have an active VIP membership are not entitled to receive error explanations from the professor regarding the mistakes made in their work. Users who do not have an active VIP membership are required to wait a period of no less than one month between the submission of new assignments. Users with an active VIP membership can submit new assignments as soon as a previous assignment has been corrected.

Submission of homework
Users who do not have an active VIP membership are required to wait a period of no less than one week between the submission of new homework. Users with an active VIP membership can submit new homework as soon as previous homework has been corrected.

Grammar quizzes
The time taken to create grammar quizzes based on a user's errors is not specified and no time limit for quiz creation exists. When a grammar quiz based on a user's English errors has been created, the user in question will be notified by e-mail.

Correction times of assignments/homework
The correction of assignments and homework submitted by users who have an active and who do not have an active VIP membership are subject to no time limit: the professor correcting a user's assignment or homework has the right to take the necessary time in order to perform the work required. Assignments and homework submitted by users who have an active and who do not have an active VIP membership are also subject to a system of queuing. Users' work will be corrected on a first-come-first-served basis. When queuing is in place for a particular assignment or homework, due to the the professor's maximum workload being reached, all users may be restricted from submitting new assignments for a period of time for the assignment in question, or restricted for a period of time from submitting assignments in general. The period that is required to wait when queuing is in place is generally short; however, it is also undetermined and can fluctuate based on the number of users active in submitting work at any given time.

User profile data
User profile photos may be seen by the public within some public areas. EngWish reserves the right to use user profile data in its advertising and marketing campaigns and will not request permission from the user for its use. Private information, however, such as contact details, will never be made visible to others without a user's authorisation. Profile pictures, names and other public information uploaded by users should not contain any inappropriate imagery or content. Inappropriate is deemed as sexual, extremely violent, or hate-related content. Users who breech this condition will be subject to termination of service.

Hours of service
EngWish is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing there are no technical errors beyond the control of EngWish, such as server or code malfunction, or server downtime. During active service a professor will be available to provide his or her services periodically throughout the day between the days of Monday and Friday. During weekends a professor is under no obligation to be active or present in the classroom in order to provide service, such as assignment/homework assessment and correction, and his or her presence during such times is the voluntary choice of that particular professor. For proofreading corrections, service may also be available at weekends and the time taken to correct a text will be estimated at the time of ordering proofreading.

Termination of service
EngWish reserves the right to terminate or suspend service of any user who is found to be displaying inappropriate conduct within Chat or any other publicly visible platform at EngWish. Inappropriate conduct is deemed as the displaying of inappropriate profile data (see above) or the publishing of offensive textual data. EngWish also reserves the right to terminate or suspend service of any user who is found to be manipulating and abusing the student points system for personal gain. Loss of service, including paid services, will not be reimbursed financially in any way to any user who has his or her account terminated as a result of misconduct.
EngWish Check
Proofreading is performed by a human professor. The professor undertaking the task of correcting a user's English text will always do his or her utmost in order to interpret well the meaning and intention of a user's writing when applying corrections. If this interpretation, however, is considered by the user to be wrong, the professor in question is under no obligation to take responsibility for this. Times shown for total correction delivery are approximate estimates and while the allocated professor will do his or her utmost to complete the work within the specified timeframe, in some cases, delivery time of a text correction may exceeed that shown during the stage of service ordering. 10% discounts are available on all proofreading orders to all users with an active VIP membership. Discount applies only to orders above €0.50.

Protection of data
Textual data submitted for proofreading will never be made intentionally visibile to the public by EngWish. EngWish takes various security measures in order to safeguard the privacy of its users; however, should these safeguards fail, due to security breech or malfunction, for example, EngWish nor any of its professors can be held accountable for the damages caused by the leaking, loss of or exposure of any sensitive data that was submitted for text correction.

Cambridge assessment scores
EngWish is in no away affiliated with the Cambridge English exam providing organisation. Cambridge scores provided in proofreading are provided "in the style of" Cambridge assessment scores, based upon the marking criteria set out by Cambridge in their teachers' handbooks.
Termination of account
EngWish reserves the right to terminate all user accounts that are deemed to be duplicate accounts of the same individual or IP address. It is strictly forbidden to create multiple accounts with the intention of manipulating any of the safeguarding security measures at EngWish that can be found in any of its services. Loss of ewCOIN and loss of any subscriptions or purchased services due to such misconduct will not be eligible for refund.