English Certification
A certificates from EngWish.com demonstrates that the student named is able to produce grammar (by way of written assessment) to the level specified on the certificate in accordance with the CEFR marking system. Accreditation is provided by and determined by an independent, highly qualified assessor whose credentials are displayed at the bottom of the certificate.
An EngWish accredited certificate can be downloaded, printed, or shared online to provide proof of a student's English level. Visible on each certificate is a barcode that can be scanned using a barcode scanner to verify that the certificate is in fact linked to EngWish.com - offering a truly modern form of English language accreditation and certificate legitimacy.
Assessor Criteria
The assessor named on a certificate will have met the following, strict criteria in order to be deemed credible by EngWish.com to assess a student's English level:

Native English speaker born in the UK, the USA, Australia, or Canada

Holder of a degree in an English-language-related field (linguistics, literature, etc.)

Holder of a degree obtained in a British, American, Australian, or Canadian university or institute

Over 10 years' experience working with grammar in a language-orientated environment (journalism, teaching, etc.)

A fluent speaker of at least two additional, foreign languages

Holder of official documents available for public release in order to prove beyond doubt all of the aforementioned points
Example Certificate
The hours of study shown are provided as an approximate guide based on English study using the EngWish.com course book, Beginner to Advanced English. Grammar accuracy is determined based on the number of grammatical changes, or lack thereof, that must be made to the student's assessment exam text.
Assessment Exams
A student's English level is determined based on the written performance of an online exam. The level assigned by the professor is carefully chosen in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and its marking criteria. Such scoring is recognised internationally in the form of 2-digit codes such as B1, B2, etc.

There are 11 assessment exams available in total. A period of 20 days must pass before reassessment of the student can occur. When a new assessment is taken there will be a new evaluation of the student's CEFR English level, which will overwrite any previous level displayed on the certificate. The grammar accuracy level displayed on a certificate is the average accuracy based on a combination of all exams taken.
Assessment Costs
A single assessment is provided for free to all students who purchase the EngWish.com course book, Beginner to Advanced English. This is recommended for users who wish to improve their existing English level while also gaining certification.
Up to 11 assessments are available to all students who purchase EngWish.com's VIP Membership service. This is recommended for users who wish to assess their existing or future English level only, or for users who have obtained the book previously and would like to be reassessed.