Frequently Asked Questions
How do I study English at EngWish?
There are two fundamental study methods: public and private. Public study involves being part of a public group and studying topics that are posted within that study group. These topics are created by professors or other students with VIP priviliges and these creators typically correct students' errors and explain grammar. Public study at EngWish is free.

How is different?
There are many free apps and websites available today for learning English. Some sell a product but unfortunately leave the learner alone and feeling demotivated. Others are "free" but are often full of users who are not sincere about teaching language or who are unqualified to teach. EngWish, instead, was created for serious students and provides a specific self-study course route to follow with optional teacher support from start to finish, which promises amazing results — fast!

What is private study?
Private study involves participating in the Beginner to Advanced English course and following the course book with the help and support of a professor who corrects the student's homework and resolves the individual student's doubts in a one-to-one, dedicated manner. Private study at EngWish requires VIP Membership.

What is VIP Membership?
VIP Membership is a luxury study service that complements the course book and allows students to receive personalised help from the professor including assessment of all course book homework, error explanations, direct correspondence, grammar doubts resolved, as well as other study benefits — as described here.

For how long do I need VIP Membership?
VIP Membership can be purchased at any time. There are no subscription nor contracts required. Students simply obtain membership for the period they deem necessary. This period is subjective and differs between each student's needs and availability to study. However, based on dedicated study and submission of homework every day, a single course level (e.g. B1) can be completed in approximately 30 days, which is the minimum time for which VIP Membership can be purchased.

How long does it take to complete the whole course (A1-C1)?
The entire course book can be read and digested in approximately 30 days without professor involvement. If coursework (homework and exam) assessment is required — as is recommended, students can take as much time as necessary to complete any of the course levels. Should students want to study at maximum velocity, however, a study routine of one coursework submission each day would mean that the complete beginner to advanced course, 120 course book lessons (A1-C1) with all 10 course exams — with full professor assessment — can be completed in approximately 6 months.

What is coursework exactly?
Coursework refers to the homework and exams that comprise the Beginner to Advanced English course at EngWish. Within the course there are 120 lessons, each containing individual homework. In addition there are 11 exams: an introduction exam and 2 further exams for each course level (A1, A2, etc.).

How does the professor correct my coursework?
After a student submits coursework online, the professor will correct all grammar, spelling, punctuation, and contextual mistakes present in the text. A grade ranging from A* (perfect) to F (unsatisfactory) is also provided. Each coursework submission is typically corrected by the professor within 48 hours (with the exception of weekends). When requested, the professor can also provide explanations of all the changes made to a student's coursework.

What's the difference between homework and exams?
Homework is designed to assess and measure the comprehension of individual course lessons within the course book. Exams are designed to assess general English learning and progress and are thus used to assess the student's English level at the time of taking the exam. Homework correction provides a grammar correction and a grade. exam correction provides a grammar report ‐ concise grammar points — based on errors present within the student's English.

When should I take course exams?
The initial introduction exam should be taken when first registering at EngWish. This is used to assess the student's English level and is used as a starting point. Following this, another two exams should be taken for each level studied. The first one of the two exams can be taken mid-way — after approximately 10 lessons — and the second exam can be taken at the end of all lessons for the chosen level. In this way, study progress is accurately and effectively measured. If following the complete course, a total of 11 exams should be taken throughout the entirety of the course. This approach has proven to optimise learning and deliver the best results.

Is accreditation available?
Yes! With VIP Membership, each time a student successfully completes any of the exams within the coursework section, a level is assigned to the student. That level — in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level (A1, B1, B2, etc.) — is then assigned to the student and displayed on a high quality, digital PDF certificate that can be downloaded, printed, or shared online by the student using the certificate's unique URL. More information on accredited certification can be found here.

Can I resubmit coursework?
Under most circumstances, no. However, this may be allowed on occasion at the discretion of the professor. Generally, resubmission of coursework is not encouraged as this can prevent and delay long-term study progress. Coursework scores are visible only to students themselves and are not shown on certificates. It is therefore unproductive to resubmit coursework and be regraded immediately after learning from one's errors.

I finished the course, now what?
On course completion, students are encouraged to reset their course progress and start the course again in order to maintain maximum fluency and optimal language retention. Even students with a 100% A* record may learn something new on the second run. Alternatively, students can also continue to practise speaking as a way of maintaining conversation and grammar skills in English using the one-to-one teacher chat service.

How can I start the course again?
Students can reset their progress and start again at any time. This, however, removes all history of grading and professor correspondence and is not encouraged until the course has first been completed in its entirety (100% progress). To reset one's progress and start again, students should visit the progress page and use the reset link found at the bottom of the page.

Does everyone pass on the course?
With the EngWish methodology, there is no "pass" or "fail". Instead, there is "complete" and "incomplete". The EngWish system can be thought of as a journey, much like climbing a mountain, and, therefore, every student has obstacles to pass and overcome. The aim of studying at EngWish is to give the student the best chance possible of developing knowledge of and producing perfect English.

Do you have more questions?
Chat with someone now from our support team for a live response. Alternatively, contact us at or by telephone/WhatsApp at +447464 72 72 72 — available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm GMT.