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The EngWish methodology is an innovative system in which students learn English from beginner to advanced while focusing on the individual student's weaknesses and existing errors. English is taught using the amazing EngWish course book which contains 120 simplified English lessons to provide the student with easy-to-understand knowledge.
Using homework assessment, explanations for the errors in the student's English homework are given by the professor with references to the course book so that the student can quickly learn or refresh the necessary grammar rules. In this way, the student can study the rules and knowledge that the student lacks. Consequently, study time can be reduced to just minutes a day which makes the EngWish methodology an innovative and ideal solution for those who want rapid results!
Beginner to Advanced English
Dana Bajenescu
With EngWish, I improve my English knowledge, but also learn new things. Teacher is very good and the lessons are interesting. I recommend the course for people with different levels in English. [..]
Giovanna Chetti
I've already got the e-book and I'm happy to have also the paperback version now. I recommend it mainly because it's practical: the explanations are simple, so it's easy to be understood. Plus, I'm an English teacher and I regularly use it so as to plan my lessons.
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