English Language Diploma

Certification from EngWish is accredited by the course author, a native English professor with trusted and verifiable university credentials in the field of English linguistics obtained at a British university. The assessment of English learners is performed via written examination online and is marked in accordance with the widely-respected CEFR scoring system.
Assessor Background
The assessor named on the certificate will have met all of the following criteria:
  Native English speaker born in the UK, the USA, Australia, or Canada
  Holder of a degree in an English-language-related field (linguistics, literature, etc.)
  Holder of a degree obtained in a British, American, Australian, or Canadian university or institute
  Over 10 years' experience working with grammar in a language-orientated environment (journalism, teaching, etc.)
  A fluent speaker of at least two additional, foreign languages
  Able to provide official documents that prove aforementioned points
In total there are 11 individual assessment exams available. An introduction exam should be taken at the start of study to assess the learner's existing English level. Following this, the learner may complete additional exams at intervals of 15 days. On each assessment, the learner's most recent English level will overwrite the previous level and this will be shown on the latest certificate, which is available in high definition to print or download.

Grammar accuracy is also displayed on the certificate and is based on the number of corrections made to the learner's writing. This accuracy level is based on a combination of all exams taken. The user may take as few or as many additional exams as required (up to 10) until the desired English level has been reached. In addition, an estimated number of hours of study is shown on the certificate to provide an approximate guide of the learner's commitment.
Our English language diploma is a fantastic addition to any CV to show the world a learner's dedication to the mastery of English grammar and written English — skills valued in almost every job! Our diploma is currently included for free with the English course book, Beginner to Advanced English!