Beginner to Advanced English
For many learners of English, grammar rules can be boring, painful and complicated. Grammar, however, is vital for the development of fluent, professional English — in both speaking and writing. The EngWish methodology removes the headache from learning grammar. With this in mind, Beginner to Advanced English teaches the most important grammar points which are presented as concise explanations followed by simple examples to reinforce comprehension.
A basic but existing understanding of English by the learner is assumed and therefore fundamental knowledge only is taught in order to save time. In addition, the book is full of useful techniques and key tips that have proven highly effective at retaining the most important and primary details, for example how to remember the difference between left and right, as demonstrated in the free lesson, Basic Directions:
Beginner to Advanced English is different to all other books and is for the serious learner who wants to bypass the unnecessary and bloated information often found when learning English. Are you ready to learn English quickly and easily? Try Beginner to Advanced English from EngWish!
Beginner to advanced course
Ideal for foreign learners
Easy to understand lessons
Next level in under 30 days
Evaluation of homework
Certificate of recognition
Certificate of recognition
At the end of each lesson, a comprehension task is available that can be completed and submitted by the learner at Based on each task, the professor calculates the learner's grammatical accuracy which is displayed on a professional certificate together with the learner's English level (CEFR). The certificate can be downloaded or printed at any time to accredit the learner's skills in English grammar — great for adding extra strength to a CV!
Beginner to Advanced English
eBook or classic book
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Frequent Questions
Is this an online course?
No, the course is self-contained within the book. However, the process of sending homework to the teacher and receiving guidance is online but this is entirely optional.
How much homework evaluation is included?
Currently there are 30 days of free homework evaluation included, the accuracy of which will be displayed on the learner's certificate. This free bonus can be activated at any time with no deadline.
Is there an age limit?
The course is aimed at serious learners of all ages who are self-motivated and committed. This requires a certain level of maturity which, in the event of young learners, is best determined by parents.
How long does each lesson take?
For the average learner, each lesson takes between 5 and 20 minutes to complete. If submitting homework (optionally) for the lesson, this typically requires an additional 10 minutes only!
How long does it take to complete the course?
With our recommended study plan of one lesson each day, an entire course level (e.g. B1) can be completed in under 30 days. The full course conists of 5 levels and combined can be completed in under 150 days. That's beginner to advanced in less than 5 months or a level higher in less than 1 month — all for around 15 minutes of study each day!
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Alexandra, pharmacist
Khalil, law student

Great book with a lot of useful information and accurate grammar explanations. Highly-professional assistance!
 Elena Gandrabur

I like very much the site : "" because the lessons are essential and very well structured for all the types of levels helping all the students and especially the helping of the teacher after each lesson and examination. I feel more confident!I recommend you this site with all confidence!
 Gylda Spataru
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