Wish for perfect English?
Do you want to learn English quickly and easily? Try the innovative EngWish method. It combines study from an easy-to-understand book with online help and correspondence from a qualified, British English professor. This unique mix of traditional and modern teaching has proven to be highly effective in helping learners become truly fluent in English!
After studying a lesson in the book, to help retain and practise the knowledge learnt, the student submits homework at EngWish.com which reaches the online professor instantly. The professor then corrects the learner's English and, based on any errors present, provides grammar explanations and references to the book for the learner to study. This process is repeated until the student completes all lessons in the book! Learners can study in their own time and at their own rhythm with amazing results visible in less than 30 days!
As part of the course, at any time the learner can take an examination online to be assessed professionally. The learner's English level will be decided by the accredited and qualified course professor to be displayed on a high-quality diploma certificate that can be used as recognition of the learner's skills in English — perfect for a CV!
So, do you wish for perfect English? EngWish!
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